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Independent BDSM Community providing unforgettable kink experiences for submissives, devoted fetishists, and masochists in need of new limits. The Ladies of The Studio bring their lifestyle passions to the professional realm to ensure a fulfilling experience for all that enter our fabulous play quarters. Setting us apart from other establishments, we believe in the education & community of independent Dommes and fully support each other's success & growth.

Attention Traveling Domina's and those located in Chicago:

If you are planning a visit to Chicago, we encourage you to schedule your sessions at The Studio, Chicago's premiere dungeon. The Studio has everything you need while being a guest in our beautiful 1800 sq loft space. Our dungeon has all the implements that you need to provide your client(s) with a memorable experience. Should you perform your sessions with us, you will have the pleasure of interacting with a professional, respected Domina's of The Studio.

- Guest Mistress at The Studio for this July: Please welcome Hypnotist, Lee Allure ! Contact her on her website, if you are interested in booking a session:

- Mistress Simone's book, Chastity Play, is available via Amazon. Buy today!


- We are seeking presenters, who are wanting to teach a class at The Studio. The topics can be of whatever you please. If you are interested, feel free & send Xena an email: . Or Ms.Simone:

- Pplease consider when you attend a Studio party, we do not allow Smoking Inside or Alcoholic Beverages.